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When installing a halogen bulb, make sure that you do not touch the glass part of the bulb with your bare skin - e.g. fingers, as the natural oils from your skin can considerably reduce the life of the bulb.

Picture of a G9 bulb - low energy versions are available for most light fittings A collection of g4 and g9 bulbs

Halogen G9 bulbs

Are small halogen G9 capsules cheap to run?

That depends what you are comparing them to, but halogen bulbs are not a low energy source of light. You can get lower energy versions, which might use about 10-20% less power, but even then it's not a true low energy product. To be a true low energy product you should look to save at least 80% of the energy (wattage) used.

Is low energy the same as low voltage?

No - it can get a bit complicated, but the long and short of it is that it's the watts that count not the volts.

There is a common misconception that low voltage lighting systems are the same thing in terms of energy efficiency as low energy lighting systems.

We've written an article to explain the difference between low voltage and low energy.

How do I compare the brightness of low energy bulbs to incandescent bulbs?

A low energy bulb has a much lower wattage because it uses less electricity. In general the light output from a compact fluroescent low energy bulb is equivalent to a wattage 4-5 times higher than an incandescent bulb. This is effected by the size and shape of the low energy bulb.

e.g. a 9w low energy bulb will generate approximately as much light as a 40w standard bulb. A 15w low energy bulb is roughly equivalent to a 75w normal bulb.

An LED low energy bulb is equivalent to a wattage roughly 10 times higher than an incandescent bulb.

e.g. a 5w low energy bulb will generate approximately as much light as a 50w halogen bulb.

However, for a more direct comparison between low energy bulbs, make sure you check out the lumen output listed e.g. 480lm

How much should G9 bulbs cost?

A replacement G9 capsule can cost more than £3 - but there is no need to pay more than a few pence for brand new replacements - click here to buy a cheap G9 bulb!


New UK building regulations

More than 25% of the electricity in an average house can be used up by lighting. The UK building regulations now state that in all new homes and extensions, 75% of all the habitable rooms must have low energy lighting. Light fittings that use a G9 bulb do not meet this requirement as they do not have an output of more than 40 lumens per watt - for more information, see http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/commonprojects/lighting/.

Can I use dimmer switches with G9 capsules?

Yes. All G9 bulbs run at normal mains voltage, so there is no transformer to worry about. All halogen bulbs will dim smoothly without any flickering etc.

However, you need to buy specific dimmable LED G9 bulbs to dim the LED version.

Are halogen G9s now discontinued?

No, halogen G9 bulbs are not discontinued, although there have been some changes in recent years.

Halogen frosted G9 bulbs have been banned from being made for a number of years due to EU legislation concerning the wasted energy from a bulb with frosted coating.

G9 wattage changes

Clear G9 bulbs are still very much available from My Green Lighting, although there are also some changes to the wattages you may currently be using.

40w G9 bulbs are starting to be phased out with some energy saving halogen G9 bulbs now also available. We still have 40w G9 bulbs in stock, but you could also choose to save a bit of energy per bulb with a 33w or 28w halogen G9 which gives the same light output for less energy consumption.

Instead of a 40w G9 you may opt for either:

Instead of a 25w G9 you may opt for either:

LED G9 bulbs

There are also now LED G9 bulbs available which are the same physical size as their halogen cousins and the energy saving qualities and lower prices make them a very appealing prospect.

Find out how much you could save with an LED G9 bulb »